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Klae 2023 Missionaries

The goal of the Klae Design Co. missions collection is to support women missionaries around the world. We believe that confident women will step out in faith to build the kingdom of God and spread the gospel and we hope that our earrings can help to build that confidence. When you wear your missions earrings, let them remind you of the woman they were named for and pray for her: for her family, for the people her work is touching, and for the plan the Lord has for her life. Twenty percent of all sales of the missions collection will go directly to the missionary the earrings were named for. 


To give directly to any of the following women go to www.giving.ag.org and use their giving ID listed below. 


Meet Audrey


Location: Germany

I work with a youth outreach organization called Young Life, to reach young people and help them get to know Jesus. I serve kids ages 11-18, as well as college students and young adults. Growing up in Germany as a missionary kid, I always knew that I wanted to one day move back there to do ministry. God kept me in the U.S. for a few years after college, working at a church, and I loved that time. It was always the hope and dream to do ministry overseas again and God finally opened that door a few years ago. It has been the greatest honor to get to do ministry in Germany, and I plan on being here for a very long time.


Giving Link: giving.younglife.org/AudreyMartin

Meet Kelli

Location: Middle East

We are currently living among an unreached people group, working to develop intimate friendships in our community, and create real, sustaining life here. And, as always and forever -because it will, indeed, be a lifetime pursuit - studying the local languages. I love being involved with my daughters school and being a member of the community here. Everyone has each others backs and we love being of service, whether it be: to help prepare a meal, help a friend's daughter study for their English exams, be a shoulder to cry on, babysit, attend a gym class together, etc… In every relationship and situation we point to Jesus.

Giving ID: 

Meet Kristin

Location: Santiago, Chile

My husband, Gabriel, and son, Mateo, and I serve in University Ministry in Santiago, Chile. One evening during a summer internship in 2014, God called me to Chile using the lyrics to a song “we will make it known, Jesus is alive!” Along with those words, The Lord was saying that he wanted that message to be shared with the university students, that He is alive and moving! Our family now serves at one of the biggest university campuses in Santiago, building relationships with students and training them to make disciples. Our prayers are that students desire a deeper relationship with Jesus and sense the urgency to share Him with their classmates.

Giving ID: 296676

Meet Rachel

Location: Stephenville, Texas 

 I am part of the planting team that came to Stephenville to plant a Chi Alpha and church! I am primarily serving university students. I love being able to have a bunch of college girls sitting around my living room all talking and enjoying being in fellowship with one another! It’s such a privilege to be able to have them come over, share their hearts, and then speak into their lives. I’m so blessed by their friendships and hunger to know the Lord!

Giving ID: 299243