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Connect Permanent Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry

starting at $45. Gold and Sterling Silver Filled Options. 

Find us at a pop-up near you! Our current schedule can be found on our Instagram, under the Connect highlight.

 Connect with us: email Ciara at connect@klaedesignco.com

Private Parties:

For groups of 5 or more, we’ll come to you! Get your friends together and host a Connection party. Bookings are for 1+ hour (depending on number of people). As the host, you’ll get a 20% discount on any pieces you purchase for yourself!




Does it hurt?

You won’t feel a thing! Our flash welder uses a low electrical current to weld the jump ring. You’ll see a flash of light, and that’s it!


How long does it take?

To ensure a perfect fit, it typically takes 5-10 minutes.


Is it really permanent?

Permanent jewelry is meant to be worn everyday and doesn’t have a clasp for removal. It is custom sized for you and then welded on. For safety, jewelry can be easily removed with a pair of scissors.


What if I have to take my jewelry off?

You can remove your jewelry by cutting the chain with a pair of scissors. We can reattach your jewelry if you save the chain and it is kept in good condition. Find us at a pop-up or party! The cost for reattachment is $8. For the chain to be reused, please cut as close as possible to the connection point.